We all know that becoming a better version of ourselves, is the best way to live life. The more we try to become better, the more peaceful our life becomes. What can be more perfect than Ramadan to practice good deeds? So, in this article we’ll discuss how Ramadan can help up to become a better person. It’s not only for the Muslims but for any human being who is in search for a composed and peaceful life.

We often consider Ramadan just to be a month to fast. But we ignore the fact that this month is the ultimate guideline for us to be a good person. The holy month Ramadan is meant to teach us humanity and honesty. Throughout the devotional activities, we constantly perform charitable deeds and can learn ways of becoming humble. Let’s see how Ramadan is contributing to make us a better of us.



It makes us empathetic towards the poor. Having no food for a long time we experience the pain of hunger. It make us feel how pathetic the poor feels to be less fortunate. So, fasting is a great reminder of the fragility of the human life.



Praying to God is not only the way to satisfy the creator. It is a reminder that we all came in this world for a goal to accomplish. Remind us of our duty as a human. Standing towards the God we feel accountable that actually question our morality. By building the connection between us and the superior, we know how great creation we are and what our life is for.


Calm and Compose

Ramadan says to practice patience. When we become angry or restless we take wrong decisions for us. Which can be devastating for others too. Anger also damage relationships and mental health. Therefore, when we’ll be trying hard to keep control on us for a long month, we are becoming habituated to act in composed manner.



There is a specific timetable for all the activities during Ramadan. From Sehri to Iftar, we continuously try to manage our life in a time frame. Muslims who tries to do worship activity as much as possible, avoid to wasting time and make every second meaningful.



Ramadan tells us to practice honesty, kindness, charity, politeness. It also teaches us to avoid sinful and harmful activities. If we really can follow all these instructions, then surely we’ll become a better person of good character.

So, we see Ramadan is a group of several good habits. Performing those for long a month actually can bring out the better of us. If we keep doing all these even after Ramadan then surely we’ll end up becoming a kind human being and make the world a better place. But remember, no one can change you unless you decided to. So, be focused and determined.