Just like high fashion, our street styles change with each coming season. A lot of styles get adapted into our looks and we let go of some as well. Like even a few years ago, skinny jeans were everyone’s favorite but later got replaced by mom jeans or wide-legged jeans. Therefore, each season there’s something new and exciting we can experiment with. So, let’s check out some of our all-time favorites!

Being bold with prints

Everyone’s hyping over bold prints this season. You will see everyone embracing a bit of color in their looks. Printed dresses, shirts, and even sets are now the go-to fashion statement. So don’t be afraid of going a bit extra with colorful prints because it’s totally in style this season. 

Cargo pants

As I mentioned earlier the era of skinny jeans is over. So ditch those tight-fitted pants and opt for something more breathable. I present you the oversized cargo pants! These were a staple in the early 2000s and they are back again this season. You will see celebrities like Bella Hadid or Gigi Hadid styling low rinse cargo pants with crop tops or satin tops. You can mix and match according to your own style choices. 

Platform heels 

Remember the time when spice girls were conquering the world with their music in those iconic platform heels? And we all badly wanted one for ourselves. Well, this is the perfect time to make those childhood or teenage wishes come true because platform heels are back. The best part of platform heels is that this is a major fashion statement that can completely change your look. If you plan on something plain, platforms are the perfect addition to accentuate your look. 


Who would have thought this Victorian piece of garment will be seen everywhere in 2022. From the red carpet to the streets they are everywhere. You can even find celebrities adapting it to their everyday outfits. You can easily style it with your loose jeans or cargo pants or even cool bell buttons you kept wanting to wear.