Coconut water may be popular as a refreshing beverage, but its benefits aren’t just limited to that. It’s packed with minerals and nutrients that have healing properties that are great for the body, mind, and especially beauty. Coconut water has so many hair-care benefits that can’t be ignored. If you have dry scalp, frizzy hair, thin hair, dandruff, or any other hair problems, then coconut water is the best solution for you. It has all the vitamins that are needed to promote hair growth. But then the question arises, What are the best possible ways to use coconut water in your hair-care routine to get the best result out of it? And, here are the answers.

coconut water in hair-care routine massage

Use before shower: Use half a cup of fresh coconut water to massage your scalp for 5 mins. Leave it on for 30 mins and rinse it off with any shampoo you desire and lukewarm water. Massaging your scalp with this will increase blood flow and induce hair growth. Do this 2 to 3 times per week for better results.

coconut water in hair-care routine acv

Use With Apple Cider Vinegar: Apply a mixture of 1 tbsp of apple cider in 1 cup of coconut water on your scalp and locks. Rinse it off with shampoo and lukewarm water after 10 mins. Although there is no scientific proof, apple cider is said to help maintain the PH level of the scalp and improve the shine of your hair. Use this once a week.


Use With Honey: Make a thick solution with 1 cup coconut water and 4tbsp of honey and apply it on your hair, root to tip. Leave it on for 30 mins while covering your head with a hot towel or plastic wrap. Then wash it off. Honey can be a good conditioner for hair and prevents dandruff buildup as well. Use this once a week.

lemon juice

Use With Lemon Juice: Mix 2 tbsp with half a cup of coconut water and massage it into the scalp. And leave it on for 20 mins then rinse with warm water. This reduces dandruff and acne in the scalp. Use this twice a week.

hydrating spray

Use As Hydrating Spray: Either add ¼ cup of coconut water with 1 cup regular water or mix ¼ cup of coconut water with 2tsp of aloe vera juice and jojoba oil. Place the mixtures in a spray bottle And spritz it on whenever your hair feels too dry or dull or before styling it. This helps to keep the moisture locked in.

coconut water in hair-care routine s&c

Use With Shampoo or Conditioner: Mix ¼ cup of coconut water with your favorite shampoo or conditioner for that extra boost of hydration. Feel the moisturization locked in your hair throughout the day.

drink coconut water

Use As Beverage: As a natural source of electrolytes, minerals, and many vitamins, coconut water can have various health benefits when orally consumed. We know only a healthy body can grow healthy cells. All the antioxidants, cytokinins, vitamins, minerals, and lauric acid help keep the active hairs nourished more effectively from inside. They promote stronger, thicker, and faster hair growth that way. 

Above mentioned ways were some of the easiest means of including coconut water in your regular hair-care routine. We hope that you try them out for yourself and let us know of the results and changes that you have noticed.