The psychedelic print from the 1960s is making a significant comeback, regardless of whether you think tie-dye is absolutely cool or utterly not to your taste. It has developed into a popular fashion craze that shows no signs of abating.

Despite the fact that tie-dye sweatpants and sweatshirts are currently in vogue, the pattern has been making a comeback for several years. Shibori, a form of tie-dye that originated in Japan, gained popularity a few years ago, and tie-dye appeared on the spring 2019 and 2020 catwalks. Even a whole episode of “Project Runway’s” most recent season was devoted to the cool print earlier this year.

Tie-dye today undoubtedly differs greatly from the flamboyant print that was so popular in the 1960s. Fashion trends come and go in cycles, but this one has modernized to meet the times. Compared to variations of the pattern we saw in the late 1960s and early 1970s, which packed more color onto one garment than we normally do today, tie-dye that is in style today is simpler and more minimal. Modern tie-dye, however, uses subtle or geometric patterns in cotton candy-hued pastel and white color schemes.