The word “minimalism” has been associated with elegance and sophistication far too many times. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you have to pack your whole life in a bag. It is a lifestyle in which you live the fullest you can through experiences rather than worldly possessions. It is a way to find true contentment within yourself with the least materials cluttering every inch of your home. It is very beneficial to one’s mind as well as their bank account. 

A Blogger by the name of Joshua Becker has said, “minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.” And even though societal pressure has always forced us to amp up our houses with lavish furniture and exquisite showpieces. Our true happiness has always been with tiny simple things.

If this intrigues you enough to adopt this lifestyle, then here are some tips you can follow to achieve a minimalist lifestyle.

  1. Start Off With One Room At a Time: Go to each of the rooms in your house one by one and evaluate the contents in them. Assess each item by thinking of its usefulness in your life. Start with the items that are in plain view, like shelves or over the counters. Then slowly work your way into the drawers and cupboards. 
  2. De-clutter: Ask yourself three questions. Does this item being any value or joy to my life?  Or when was the last time you used it? Or, whether you’d use it any time soon or not. Based on those answers make your decisions. 
  3. Store What Means Something to you: After evaluating, following the 1st tip, either place the item in the donation box or throw it out. But if it turns out that it has some kind of sentimental value to you, then just keep it in storage.
  4. Buy Only What You Need: When sometimes we see a sale sign or ad, we immediately subconsciously reach for our wallets. But we must learn to restrain ourselves. Learn to say “NO” to ourselves once in a while. If you don’t need it then no need to make a room for it.
  5. Go For Quality, Not Quantity: If you always look for good quality products, then they will sustain for a longer time and the need to replace them will not come up that often. This also can be said for fashion and style as well. Try to buy furniture or clothes with classic style, so that it always looks trendy.
  6. Limit Decorative Items: You don’t need 30 vases, 20 center pieces and 10 chandeliers. Keep the decorations to the minimum And you with see the beauty of it in its simplicity.
  7. Purge Your Belongings Regularly: You can do this either right before a season change or every month. On the last weekend of each month just go through what you have and follow the above tips.
  8. Learn To Be More Appreciative: When you try to see the beauty, usefulness or joy the simplest things bring to you, you will learn the importance of them and be more appreciative toward them and life.

These might seem like tips to clean up your home but in reality this process clears up your mind. Minimalism has a close relation to Buddhism. Through learning the ways of minimalist lifestyle, you can find contentment with less.