Bollywood’s Big Boss or Bhai, Which ever way you choose to address him, Salman Khan has always been on the news for one thing or another. Sometimes for dating rumors, sometimes his charitable acts but most of the time for his movie releases. But this time is different. Now he is on the news for his lawsuit against an online game called “Selmon Bhoi“.

Selmon Bhoi is a derivative of Salman Bhai and is typically used by trolls or people on social media for memes. However That is not the case any more.

A company by the name of Parody Studios Pvt Ltd, launched a game on Google Play Store called Selmon Bhai and it infuriated Salman Khan. As the game is, in many ways, a reference to the actors infamous incident of 2002. When he ran over 5 people by the street causing the death of one. This act was what convicted him as responsible for homicide but not murder.

The actor was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his crimes at that time. And later in 2015 was acquitted of all charges. He thought he had left the incident in the past. Unfortunately he was wrong.

The game with the title “driver on the quest to kill” and description “Join Selmon Bhoi and his driver on the quest to: Kill.” came into the actors notice in the last of august and he immediately filed and injunction in the Bombay Civil Court.

“Upon watching the game and its images, it prima facie matches with the identity of the plaintiff (Salman Khan) and to the hit-and-run case connected to the plaintiff,” said the court. And further pointed out that Khan had never given his consent for the game.

On the 6th September, the judge ruled in the favor of the plaintiff, Salman Khan, labeling this game as a “damage to his reputation” and ordered the defendant company to stop disseminating, launching, re-launching and recreating the game or any other content that is related to the actor.

However the game was only suspended and taken down from Google play Store and the case is sub judice, that is under judicial hearing. Further hearing on the case will take place on the 20th of September, 2021.