The world was shocked this week when a tourist submarine to visit the wreck of the Titanic went missing. Since then, a search operation has been launched to rescue the missing persons.

Do you know where the Titanic sank? Under the sea, about four hundred miles from the coastal line of Canada’s New Found Land. Under the deep water of about three and a half kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean.

There is a company named Ocean gate, they do Titanic tourism!

An eight-days tour package. You will first be transported by ship from Canada to the site of the Titanic sinking on the Atlantic, then you will be taken in a small submarine, three and a half kilometers below the surface, to face the wreckage of the Titanic! A truly breath-taking experience!

But the whole package is deadly expensive. It takes about two and a half million in Bangladeshi taka!

This submersible, mini submarine is called Titan! A very micro size submarine. It has a total of five people including the pilot!

The problem is, on Sunday morning, a tourist group of four people went down to see the Titanic! Shortly after landing, the Titan is no longer to be found! No signal. no vision Nothing! Vanish!

Titan has a maximum 96-hour oxygen supply. There is not much water and food!

In their rescue mission, the Coast Guard Navy of America and Canada has come down, but no trace is found! In the submarine, three people from England. A billionaire Hamish Harding, another Pakistan-born business tycoon Dawood and his son! There are only a few hours of oxygen supply.