Since its premiere on Eid day, Afran Nisho’s debut movie “Surongo” has been giving the crew wonderful news one after another. Now The film is all set to make its global release across different continents confirmed by the team. But the inclusion of one nation on that list caught the attention of movie buffs because it is said to be the first time a Bangladeshi movie will be released in Saudi Arabian theaters.

At a press conference held on Monday at Star Cineplex in SKS Tower, Mohakhali, Dhaka, the movie’s leading actors Afran Nisho and Tama Mirza, the director Raihan Rafi, Chorki CEO Redoan Rony, and Alpha-i Managing Director Shahriar Shakil answered questions from the media about the movie’s global release schedule.

Shahriar Shakil said, “As part of our global release, ‘Surongo’ will be released in seven countries in the Middle East in phases. This is most probably the first Bangladeshi movie to be released in Saudi Arabia, a country which has a great fanbase of Nisho among the expat Bangladeshi community.”

“We have also finalized Surongo’s release in the United States, Canada, and Australia as well. It will be released on July 7 in six cities, including Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and Darwin in Australia, and then on July 21 in New York, USA, and Canada. Then will be released in other states across the US from July 28,” Shakil added.