We all know what we want from our life. We are very much aware of our likes and dislikes. But choosing someone for us is not as simple as we figure out our interest. Getting involved with a wrong person, can make life messed up and agitated. So, what to look for in a partner? Well, the laws of attraction aren’t same for all. Which is why some looks for attractiveness, some for kindness or some for compatibility. Mostly we want our partner to be a support only in positive ways. But experts say complementing in negative ways also work. It is the right fit in emotional baggage. Don’t get confused. Read this article to find some must have qualities that experts find important for a relationship.


Similar values and life vision

The more similar you two are, the easier it’ll be to manage. Enjoying same hobbies, preferring same options, having same priorities helps to vision the same goal of life. Thus, taking decision won’t be hard for any of you.

Emotional maturity

A person emotionally mature is willing to learn and makes progress in future. S/he won’t let emotions to control their actions. Even won’t judge crucial situation based on emotion. Apparently, there won’t be any emotional drama. Emotionally mature people recognize their flaws and accept with an open mind too.

Bonding with partner


Go for a partner who have openness to feedback. This kind people tend to hear other and clarify how he feels. As a result, you will have no doubts thinking which way the relation is going on.

Respectful and Sensitive

One of the most valuable qualities in a relation is respect. If someone says he loves you but does not respect, what won’t make any sense. Similarly, a sensitive person will deal with a situation wisely. So, before saying yes to someone find out if he appreciates you and takes an interest in the things you are passionate about.


Motives and Inspires

An ideal partner will always inspire you and will believe in you. Even when you think you can’t, he or she should motivate you. These things matter in forming bond, trust and comfort.


Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to relationships. Someone who is easy going, funny and positive, is worth sticking with. A lighthearted person will never make a situation difficult and judge thing critically.

Remember, we all have different needs. So, no specific rules of ‘what to look for in a partner’. Find partner according to your need. But good relation should give us mental peace, satisfaction and love in all means.