This year Ramadan is taking place in the hottest time of the year. In this heat, we’ll have to fast and go to work and continue with our daily activities. So it’s important that we are hydrated enough to carry on with those activities. Often we forget to keep count of our liquid intake and end up not drinking enough. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay more hydrated in Ramadan this summer. 

Break your fast with a glass of water first

The first thing you need to do is break your fast with a lot of water. Try to have at least one glass of water before you have your meal. Then drink more water after you have finished as well. 

Mindfully drink water after breaking your fast

In normal times we don’t really think about how much water we consume. However, during Ramadan, we can’t keep doing this. We need to keep count of how much water we drink. After breaking the fast it’s advisable to keep on drinking water. However, don’t chug a lot of water altogether, have it in breaks. 

Skip coffee or tea

If you are a coffee person this might be a time you can try refraining from it. Stimulant drinks like coffee and tea can make you dehydrated faster. These act as diuretics therefore, it’s wise to have them less in this of the year. 

Have more fruits

Fruits have natural juices in them that can keep you hydrated. So, instead of having unhealthy fried food have more juicy fruits like watermelons, oranges, etc. 


Add yogurt to your seheri meal plan

One of the best things you can eat during seheri is yogurt. You can have it after you have had your main meal as well. Yogurt has a lot of health benefits such as it helps you fight acidity during this time, makes your stomach smooth, and these works as protection against dehydration.