The term “therapy” gives us the mental image of a person lying on a sofa in front of a licensed professional and sharing what’s on their mind. However, alternative therapies are unconventional compared to traditional therapy, which is more widely known. But they are effective nonetheless. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your mental health without spending big bucks on a therapist, Why don’t you try out these 5 alternative therapies first.

A young woman listening to music with headphones

Music Therapy: Singing, playing various musical instruments, and even listening to a music genre that you like can help reduce anxiety and the feeling of loneliness. Music therapy is also being clinically recommended to individuals for psychological and physical well-being. This includes dementia, depression, and even speech disability to some extent.

Painting hobby. Art therapy. Imagination creativity.

Art Therapy: From drawing, painting to sculpting, these are just a few of the many art forms one could try as therapy. It can be a great opportunity for someone to let out their pent-up emotions and frustrations. You don’t need to be Picasso to try this. It can be highly beneficial for people who went through a traumatic experience.

Playing a game of chess

Chess Therapy: The game of chess involves the strategic movements of each piece. So it’s beneficial for people’s cognitive processing. It helps kids suffering from ADHD to arrange their thoughts more coherently. Moreover, research suggests playing chess can reduce anxiety and stress.

alternative therapies reiki
Reiki Healing

Reiki Therapy: Remember the process Jackie Chan used in Karate Kid to fix Jaden Smith’s leg? Well, the two are not the same. However, this is also a therapeutic technique related to energy healing that originated in Japan. This process apparently reduces stress and anxiety while relaxing the body and mind. This promotes self-healing after the practitioner places their palms over the inflicted person’s body.

alternative therapies aromatherapy

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is an alternative medicinal practice, which uses natural fragrant oils, incense, or candles to stimulate our olfactory senses to promote mental and physical well-being. This does not only reduces stress but also relaxes the whole body.

Mental disorders are not something to take lightly. However, traditional therapy is an expensive luxury that can’t be afforded by everyone. So, those with smaller pockets but bigger mental health issues should opt for these techniques instead.