When the whole world scares of the Coronavirus, Russian are looking for ways to deal with the crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that they are able to control the virus in Russia. The figures also testify to Putin’s claim. Analysts also say that Russian take the necessary steps in time. Therefore, they are now in quite a stable situation.


Russia has a long border with China. Although the country first infected with the virus in January. Surprisingly, the death number is less. According to data from the International Survey of the World Ometer, 306 people infected and only one of them died!


According to the Russian government – Putin’s tactics to control the coronavirus eventually worked. Putin also said in a speech that his country has prevented the spread of coronas. The situation is now under control.

CNN report says Russia immediately became aware of a corona infection in China. On January 330, they closed the 2600-mile border with China. At the moment, the Quarantine Zone was formed by Putin’s government.


The World Health Organization is focusing more and more on preventing corona infection. According to Dr. Melita Vujnovic, Russia’s WHO representative, Russia literally started this test in late January. At the same time, they took steps to close the border. Identification of victims in the tests, contact them and put the injured person in isolation- these are the precautionary and mandatory steps that actually taken by the Russian Government and that eventually worked. They have tested the corona affected at a much faster rate than any other country. And also launched the program extensively from early February.

Although, there are few questions arises on the number of deaths in Russia. People speak on that in social media and other stuff.


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