In just 30 years, the number of stars is few in Hollywood who have been touched by the golden Oscar. The famous Hollywood star Brie Larson is one of them. Time magazine calculates that right now she is one of the 100 best influential figures in the world. 


But many people may not know that the actress was going through depression. Yes, she has suffered from depression, which has been so much in his three decades of life. And the positive thing is that she came out from it after Captain Marvel released.

Captain Marvel
Credit: The Irish News

Brie Larson recently opened her YouTube channels like many others on lockdown. Just two days ago, in his first video on YouTube, she spoke about his anxiety and depression. In two days, Brie’s Channel has subscribed to 180,000 fans. In the video, Brie talks to her friends, colleagues, and other established YouTubers. She has also taken advice from them. 


Endgame star Brie Larsen says she’ll be transparent about making videos for her own YouTube channel. The devotees will know him directly. In the 21-minute video, Brie says of her depression. She reportedly suffered from depression for months. Superhero movies like Captain Marvel improved his mental state at that time.


Brie avoided social events. Because she has asthma, and in nature, she also was an introvert. The Captain Marvel film helped her to relieve social anxiety and depression. It’s like she was looking for a superhero to hide her. Now, she admits that she is fine.

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