We have all seen movies like Devil Wears Prada and dreamed of working in the glamorous world of fashion. Fashion shows, fashion weeks, runways these are thing that excite people towards this industry. However, if you are seriously choosing a career in fashion there are very important things you need to consider before getting in.

It’s not only about the glamour

Fashion can occasionally be a hassle. There are still numerous obstacles to overcome, such as deadline demands, last-minute alterations, frantic nights, and never-ending work, even though it can be gorgeous and idyllic. In order to achieve the creative vision one wants to promote, careers in the fashion industry demand great dedication and enthusiasm.

Pyramid of success

The fashion industry is hierarchical, or structured like a pyramid. The precise nature of the pyramid can occasionally be unusual and confusing. Not always evident is who belongs where.

You will need to make your dues, that much is obvious. You won’t likely start at the top of the fashion pyramid unless your father is the owner of a record label or a chain of luxury hotels.

Long hours

The most unpleasant tasks are required of people who live at the bottom of the food chain. Ask yourself if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty before you even think of contacting a recruiter in the fashion sector and stepping foot on the world of sleek runways and high-end labels.

carrying along clothing bags? Obtaining a mocha coffee for your boss? sending out regular messages? Putting a smile on your face and a bounce in your next step?

Fashion is more business than art 

Do you think that creativity and self-expression aren’t both a part of fashion? Not entirely, actually. Think again if you believe that you will be designing or evaluating only the most exquisite, creatively satisfying pieces of haute couture. You’ll be selling unsightly or even horrible outfits around half the time (maybe more, maybe less) just to keep the business viable.