The first thing you might remember when heard the word ‘cowboy’ was a group of boys coming with a large- long-sleeved cow hat. One of them might be sitting on a horse, one with a rifle in his hand and a rope in hand.

Now, you can also sit in Dhaka and have a cowboy experience by visiting the Cowboy Kitchen.


The restaurant was inaugurated on Hatkhola Road in Tikatuli, Dhaka, on August 28 for food lovers. Besides the nice atmosphere, there are also delicious fast food. The food includes pizza, burgers, pasta, French fries, rice mills, salads, chow mine, soups, drinks, desserts and coffee.


“The restaurant is created for the love of cooking,” said Hossain Limon Mokaram, the restaurant’s entrepreneur. He added that his restaurant is served foods with a price tag of the best of the best.

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