Almost all of us are exposed to antibiotics or cough syrups for seasonal colds or coughs. Due to the effect of antibiotics, you can get no taste in the mouth. And the body also becomes weak. It takes a long time to get back healthy. But, there is a way to be cured easily! If you love chocolate and have chocolate at home, you will no longer need antibiotics or cough syrup! Yes, eating chocolate will work for colds and coughs. The problem will get cured easily!


Although it seems unbelievable, this is the claim of a group of British researchers. Allyn Morris, head of the Department of Cardiology and Respiratory at the University of Hull in England, said cocoa was one of the ingredients in medicine to treat colds and coughs. According to him, an adequate presence of cocoa in the dark chocolate available in the market can be an easy solution to cure the problem of cold and cough.


According to Professor Morris, the cocoa in chocolate contains a special ingredient called theobromine, which turns the thin mucus responsible for whooping cough into a thick sticky lining. As a result, the problem is solved. Besides, chocolate creates an adhesive lining inside the throat. As a result, the affected nerve endings are covered and the problem of sore throat is stopped.

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