Acid reflux is a problem we all face from time to time. Most of the time we look for home remedies when facing this problem. So, here are some ways you can manage the situation at home. 

Chewing gum 

Chewing gum stimulates saliva production, which helps to keep stomach acid levels low. Chewing gum also helps to balance the pH level by making the saliva more alkaline. It can also relieve inflammation. Chew gum for 10 minutes after a meal to get the best results. 

Have a ripe banana

Instead of a  dessert, end your meal on a sweet note with a ripe banana. On the plus side, bananas are high in dietary fiber, which is good for the gut since it aids digestion.

Avoid food that causes it:

Make sure you are mindful of what you are eating. Identify the food that makes you extra acidic and refrain from eating those. 

Eat dinner earlier:

Finishing your meals a few hours before bedtime allows your stomach to complete digestion and empty itself, reducing acid reflux problems.

Reduce Stress:

Yes, acid reflux symptoms can be brought on by stress! Prostaglandins, which protect the stomach lining from the effects of acid, are depleted by stress, increasing your discomfort.