Siblings fight and that’s a fact. In any family, if there is more than one kid, there’s bound to be the presence of regular screaming, brawling, and in general loud noises. Though inevitable, there are still some things every parent should know and try, to tackle such situations. So, keep on reading to see which parts a parent can play to navigate kids fighting.

Know When to Step In: As long as things don’t elevate to the point of getting physical or bullying, let them handle things by themselves. There’re studies that say kids who can resolve quarrels by themselves can grow up to be more tolerant.

Don’t Take Sides: You can intermediate in a fight but never ever take sides. It’s better for them to come to terms with it themselves. Whoevers’ side you take the other one could start resenting you.

Get Some Fresh Air: Sometimes when kids fight it’s due to crankiness for being cooped indoors for too long. Take them out for a drive, to the park, or for an ice-cream errand.

Time Out: When things start to get too heated up tell them to step back and go do other things. Kids are quick at fighting, they are even quicker at forgetting. So, some time apart to do other stuff will help get their minds off the fight.

Treat Them Fairly: Each child is different like the fingers of your hand. So you can’t treat them equally but try to treat them fairly. When you’re disciplining them give them the same punishment. And when you reward them, give them what they like and not the same thing to everyone.

Keep Your Calm: No matter what happens, even if all hell breaks loose, stay calm. You’re the adult here, so there is no need to scream or name call at them. You can calmly talk to them and solve it. They will learn this from you.

Try To Understand: The dynamic between siblings is always changing. Sometimes they’re best friends and sometimes the worst enemy. This will happen due to hormones and probably their moods. As a parent, you just have to accept it and move on.

Parenting is the hardest job in this world and it goes on 24/7 365 days for life. It will never be smooth sailing but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some ammo stored, just in case. Your children are a part of you so treat them as such. Hope this article helps you sharpen your skills for the future.