When it comes to taking care of your tresses you can never be too cautious. You may buy the best and most expensive products after hearing raving reviews. But keep one thing in mind, ALL PRODUCTS DON’T WORK THE SAME FOR EVERYONE. So, how can you make sure that you have healthy and shiny-looking hair? One easy way is to stop them from damaging further. In our daily lives, we may do certain haircare mistakes that ruin our locks little by little. We have listed them below so you can avoid doing them in the future.

Using Too Many Heated Appliances: We understand the desires to constantly change up your hairstyle. And the role various heating appliances play in that styling and the resulting damage from doing it too much. Try to keep your temptations at bay.

Using Too Many Hair Products: When you use too many products on your hair you can’t seem to keep track of the ingredients that go into them. Some of them could be harmful to your hair like silicon and alcohol. But you heard one or two good review and splurged on it any way.

Not Enough Hot Oil Massage: Do it yourself at home with your favorite hair oil or go to a Salon. The list of benefits that stems from a hot oil massage is quite long. So, try to make time for it in your schedule.

Taking Shower With Hot Water: Hot water opens up pores and could lead to excess hair falls. So you can use hot water during the massage and cleansing step. But use cold water after conditioner to seal the moisture.

Sleeping With Wet Hair: “This can lead to a plethora of problems for the scalp: unwanted bacteria, fungal infections, skin irritation, itchiness, dryness, redness, and dandruff, according to hairstylist Miko Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s Original.

haircare mistakes brush

Brushing Hair Too Often: Brushing the hair doesn’t just help in entangling your locks but it also massages your scalps. But did you know doing it too often will lead to excess hair fall? Yes, experts recommend brushing one’s hair not more than twice a day.

haircare mistakes cut

Not Getting Regular Trims: You should trim your hair with an interval of 3-4 months regularly. This is very important for healthier and fuller looking hair growth. Since you’ll be cutting of the damage part of the hair, it will aid in improving the quality of the remaining hair.

haircare mistakes foods

Not Eating Healthy: Since hair is mostly made of protein so consumingcfoods that are enriched with proteins and nutrients is very important. You can check out the list of foods that help take care of your hair, here.

haircare mistakes water

Not Drinking Enough Water: Drinking the proper amount of water can help alleviate countless number of health concerns. Starting from stomach to skin to hair, everything functions better with the intake of the required amount of water. Some studies suggest that not consuming enough water can stop hair growth.

Now that we are aware of the most common haircare mistakes that we are making everyday, let’s try to avoid it. This may not give the shinniest lock of hair instantly, but it’ll stop it from further damaging. So, why not give them a try.