Conflict is an unavoidable crisis in any relation. Disagreements, stressful life, having different opinion is creating misunderstanding in our daily life. But for a happy and healthy life these conflicts need to get resolved without a further ado. Do you know laughter is a great tool to resolve conflict? Well, laughter reduce tension, elevates mood and makes us more resilient. Your humor can keep your relation exciting, fresh, and vibrant. Know how to use Laughter therapy to resolve conflict in relationship.
Laughter resolve conflicts

When you laugh with each other, positive bond is created between you two. This bond acts as a buffer against stress, disagreements and disappointments. Even just hearing someone laugh, makes you smile too. Using lighthearted humor creates opportunity for sharing fun and intimacy. It also allows to get your point without getting defensive.

To talk on sensitive issues, such as sex, children or in-laws use gentle humor. To try out this method put things into perspective. Consider the other person’s perspective and try reframe the problem. Then you can explain your point using making fun out of it so that the positive intensions can be understood.
Laughter resolve conflicts

There are times when humor will backfire. It happens when humor is used to cover of avoid mistakes. You can be funny about the truth, but not covering your own mistakes. It will create confusion and mistrust in your relationships.

With humor you have to be creative. To develop a good sense of humor, try inside joke. Inside jokes is something that only the two of you understand. It’s kind of triggering the beautiful past and make things lighter.

Remember, humor only help when both the person is in on the joke. It’s important to be sensitive to the other person. If your partner is not appreciating then avoid the topic. If you keep laughing on things that is his weakness or he tend to avoid then you might sound disrespectful. So be careful with your humor.