Often, we see our kids to hide things from us. The little one who used to call you a best friend, suddenly stopped sharing about what is going on in his life. The chance is you may have break promises earlier. Or make him feel that you would get angry. If yes, then you have to work hard to gain his trust again. Childs are sensitive. If it is easy to win over him, then easier to lost his trust. They tend to judge your every action and tries to assume your reaction. If you are among those parents, who is struggling with the same problem then read this article. It has some awesomely proven parenting tips to win child’s trust.

Support your Child

Listen his words

Children many times think that parents will not understand if they talk to them. Maybe you have ignored his problem in past. Or have laughed at his silly complains. Being adult, we know the problem is not as complicated as the child is thinking but to them this might be the toughest. So, listen to your child, pay attention on his word. Try to maintain an eye contact and reply if needed. Only then the kid will feel attended.

Keep Promises

To gain his trust try to keep your promise. Specially keeping his secrets. To a child his secrets are something valuable and his first owned thing. So be a safe keeper for that. Promise what is reasonable and within your ability to fulfil.

Listen to your Child

Accept your mistake

We saw our parents to avoid if they go wrong. Therefore, we do the same. Don’t do it. If you do any mistake or your plan goes wrong then accept it. Tell your child how good was your intention. Being open about our shortcomings, make us trustworthy. It will encourage them to tell the truth. Also, may teach them to discuss before taking any decision.

Remain Consistent

This one is most important. We mostly handle situation according to our mood. That result us in reacting differently to same situation in different ways. Don’t confuse your child with such inconsistency. It will make him think you as a confused parent. So, set boundaries and follow through on every situation.

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Show Your Love

Don’t leave him alone

Children will try things on their own. But many parents tend to feel dissatisfied. Therefore, when any problem arises such parents leave them alone saying ‘you wanted to do by yourself so now solve your problem’. This probably will break your relation as he’ll be hurt. He’ll start thinking that maybe you don’t care or love him. Try to support with advice, encouraging and guideline. This way is most effective to form friendship.

No mater how many kids you had earlier, remember every child is different. So, talk with people, experts or search internet and find out how kids of these days react. New age children may require new parenting style. The more you learn, the more comfortable you’ll be to accept this challenge.