One of the most prevalent and popular eating habits in the world today is the Keto Diet. It is possible by this diet to remove excess fat from your body. This method involves developing a certain diet for a short period of time. That is, calculate a certain amount of time and adhere to a specific diet. It is said that through the keto diet, it is possible to lose about 10 kg in just 21 days.

Ketogenic diet concept.  Healthy food concept. Keto diet food frame. By Sunvic

In this diet, you should refrain from eating any food made from rice, flour, sugar, potatoes, milk and soybean oil for about three to four weeks or monthly. The foods that are left out include rice, bread, bread, sweets, fast food, outdoor fries, cold drinks, etc. Fruits that are sweet in taste should also be temporarily excluded. The whole thing should be kept free of sugar for two / three weeks.


Foods You Can’t Eat:

  • All kinds of sugar or sweeteners. Like- Coke, fruit juice, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, smoothies, etc.
  • Some things made of flour like- rice, pasta, noodles, oats, cornflakes.
  • Generally, other diets contain fruit, but they are not in the keto diet.
  • All beans are forbidden. Because these have a good amount of carbohydrates along with protein.
  • Potatoes, radishes, carrots, turtles.
  • Processed foods of any kind.


You can eat:

Cows, chickens, all kinds of fish, eggs, butter, cheese, yogurt, ghee, nuts, turmeric oils – such as olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, any red-green vegetables, couch, broccoli, parsley, cauliflower, almonds. You can also eat spices, olives, avocado, strawberries, lemon in fruit.


Side effects

Beginning with the ketogenic diet regimen may at first appear to have some common side effects. Water and salt imbalances can occur in the body. You may attack with lower blood pressure. This may require consuming excess salt or eliminating salt. Excess fat intake can cause digestive problems in the keto diet. Some have constipation too. Then you should eat more fiber vegetables. Magnesium supplements can also be used as medicines. Many also have diarrhea. If so, saline and medicines can be consumed.