Human lung function depends on its airway capacity. As age increases, lung function also begins to decline. Based on current world conditions, lung health is very important. Because the coronavirus can be most affected by the lungs. So, it is important to prepare yourself to fight the virus in advance.

3D illustration of Lungs – Part of Human Organic. By MDGRPHCS

Some common exercises can help to improve its functioning, even if the lungs are reduced due to age or other factors. This writeup will outline two simple and effective exercises that can be done while in quarantine.


Diaphragmatic breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing exercises make the diaphragm effective. Which works mainly through oxygen intake. This exercise is very useful for those with lung disease. However, those with serious illnesses should consult a doctor before exercising.


For this exercise, you can sit up straight and relax or lie down flat. Place one hand on the abdomen, the other hand on the chest. Now breathe through the nose for two seconds, so that the air is deposited in your stomach. At this stage you will feel more swelling of your chest than your chest. Then inhale with your mouth for two seconds.

The same process has to be repeated three times in a row by pausing with the same breath.


Pursed Lips Breathing

This process increases the airway capacity of the lungs. As a result of these exercises, the oxygen intake of the lungs and the release of carbon dioxide are more effective.

This exercise is much easier than diaphragmatic braiding. So that is possible for anyone.

First you need to sit straight and relax. Then breathe in slowly through your nose for two counts, keeping your mouth closed. Take a normal breath. Then “purse” your lips as if you were going to whistle and breathe out.

All in all, these exercises alone are not sufficient for lung function. For a healthy lung, you must quit smoking and eat plenty of antioxidant-rich foods.