You can make drinks that can be made with the help of various herbs ingredients. Drinking these herbs made drinks regularly will increase your immunity. Let’s check out a few of these. 

Cup of ginger tea with lemon and honey on slate plate By: Alexander Raths

Turmeric drink

Cut and crush the raw turmeric 4 inches. Now mix half a cup of water and strain it. Mix half a lemon juice, a little pepper powder, and salt and sugar to taste. Then drink it. The anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids in turmeric will keep you healthy. As well as the skin and liver will be good.


Ginger water 

Mix half a teaspoon of dried ginger in a glass of water and boil for 3 minutes. Drink this drink several times a day while it is still warm. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory and very good for the lungs.


Lemon water 

If you don’t have dried ginger at home, squeeze half a lemon juice in a cup of hot water and drink it several times a day. In addition to increasing immunity, digestion will also increase with this drink.


Amalaki juice

Amalki is called the powerhouse of vitamins. Regularly having amalaki juice can stay you away from various diseases. You can drink amalaki juice two times every day.

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