Experts say that when you acknowledge the symptoms of coronavirus then the convicted should completely separate from others. Otherwise, the virus can spread to others who are in the home, family, workplace, or social environment. Symptoms of coronavirus usually manifest through fever and dry cough, throat pain, and difficulty in breathing. If such problems arise, you must first separate or isolate yourself from contact with others.

How to self-isolate?

For many, the question may arise, how to self-isolate? According to experts, if you have symptoms of coronavirus, you should primarily stay at home. You also must stop to go to a public place where work, school or public meetings are taking place. Besides, public transport should be avoided. Let’s find out a few points that experts suggest to follow in such a situation:


  • When staying in isolation, try to stay in a room with windows so that the air goes well. Stay separate from other people in the home. Make sure you don’t ‘see’ anyone.


  • Tell family members or friends if you need anything from the market or you need any medicines.


  • When anyone bring food or supplies to you, ask them to leave them outside the door.


  • If someone is in isolation in their home, the floor of the room, the table chair surface should be cleaned daily with liquid soap or some other disinfectant.


  • If you are convicted that you should have a separate room. You should also try to maintain distances with other members of the household as much as possible. In that case, it should be at least 2 meters or 6 feet away.


  • A suspected person should sleep alone.


  • You should wash your hands frequently. Especially after coming in contact with someone infected.


  • No towels, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner or any other toiletries can be used with the person in isolation.


  • Individuals with isolation should use a separate bathroom. If that is not possible then you should use it as a rule. If possible after the use of the person in isolation, it should be thoroughly cleaned.


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