Dreams are attainable only if we chase our dream-says Karishma Iqbal. She is an inspiring young, who didn’t let her dreams get fade away and went long way to make it real. Following her heart today she is a photographer, designer and of course an entrepreneur. She believes people should get engaged in good works that serve people. Such thought makes her different and today we’ll be talking about this successful dreamer.

Artland Wedding Photography

Many of you know Karishma through Artland. It is one of the top professional wedding photography& cinematography companies in Bangladesh. She started her journey as an intern. But eventually her commitment towards her work made her the CEO of ArtLand Bd Ltd. What an outstanding example of true dedication!

In her juvenile, she was like any other teen who likes to cook, design her own outfit, travel and click photos. But what makes her different is her artistic soul. She knew how to make things happen and turn a regular hobby into a dream career.

Baby Bee

Karishma’s obsession of photography is not restricted to wedding. She is also into fashion photography and baby photography. Recently she has launched her new photography page named ‘Baby Bee. Capturing babies, she tries to portrait the adorable moments and save sweet memories for a life time.

Lavish wear

Even before starting photography, Karishma was involved in clothing business with her sister. But it was left middle way due to her studies. I find Karishma to be an enthusiastic. According to her nothing should be left half done. Therefore, she planned to start her clothing business that was left undone long ago. She named this unfinished dream Lavish Wear. Within this clothing brand Karishma tries her fashion sense and passion to meet people demand. You’ll find her designs to be a unique piece for both the Hijabi and Non-Hijabi potential clients. So, it won’t be wrong to say that this young lady is moving ahead of her time. She understands her clients well and works on pieces which will be a future demand.


Karishma is also associated with a travel agency. Her agency is called Memoravel. Travel lover Karishma Iqbal sense the urge of travelling. To make that journey memorable and happening she offers exclusive tour packages and air tickets for travelers.

When people at their 20s struggle to find out what they want, Karishma is living her dreams through her work. She is a motivation to them. She can even inspire many who wants to start their own business. To all such dreamer Karishma says- I would request everyone to keep trying. Don’t just remain dreaming but try hard to grab opportunities on your way. Today or tomorrow, you will be satisfied with your actions and find success.