As summer approaches, our body experiences changes in skin. The heat gets harsh on the body and can cause unwelcome skin conditions. As a result, skin inflammation, rashes, dryness, oiliness, body acne can occur. The reason is our body pH levels is not yet adjusted with the weather. So, summer calls for a neutral body pH level. We take this issue seriously and are here with experts opinion.
Healthy Body Skin

Why having balance is important?

The pH level of our body determines if the body’s fluids are alkaline or acidic. If in an alkaline state, the risk of chronic disease decreases. Or else in an acidic state the risk increase. The level at exact 7 is neutral. Having a balanced pH levels is essential. It keeps good health and prevent several health issues. Also encourages skin repair and maintain skin cells.

-To maintain a pH level the first step is keeping body hydrated. Drink lemon juice. Add fruit and vegetables more in your plate. Have leafy veggies at least once in 10 days. Eat more probiotics like yoghurt.
Healthy Body Skin

Body care routine to regulate pH level

Alongside food, we need to have a regular skin care routine. That will let skin to have a neutral stage. Check out this body cleansing and toning habits that is suggested to be an ideal for balanced body pH level.

-After cleansing use toner. Toner neutralize remaining alkalinity and calibrate pH level.

-Wash with mild gentle cleansers for face. Foaming face wash is one of them. Before buying check if it is an alkaline-based skin product.

-Exfoliate your skin once a week with gentle exfoliants.

-Lastly apply a nourishing pH balanced moisturizer.
Healthy Body Skin

A lot of skin care products damage the level, whereas some have the ability to regulate. Look for those. Product with more alcohol is likely to strip the skin of moisture. Choose products that contain lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, and malic acid instead. Such products provide mild to enhance skin texture and reveal new cells. You can also use probiotics that help to restore the balance in body pH level.