According to a Forbes article on Aviation Global Incident Map, none of the 20 planes that crashed during the 500 emergency landings in 2018 were at dangerous airports. However, we would like to mention some of the airports which are known as the scariest airport in the world due to their location, altitude above sea level, difficult landings, and small runways in size.

Paro Airport in Bhutan

Bhutan’s Paro Airport will top the list of the world’s deadliest and most dangerous airports. You will be surprised to know that in total only 8 pilots have been recognized as qualified to land at this airport. The airport is located a mile and a half above sea level, surrounded by all the peaks of more than 18,000 feet. The runway at the airport, on the other hand, is only 6,500 feet long.

Despite being so high above sea level, there is not much runway in the world. So it goes without saying that there is a lot of pressure on the nerves of the passengers while landing on this runway.

Courchevel Airport in France

The airport is located at an altitude of about 6,588 feet above sea level. Its runway is only 1762 feet long. The runway at this airport in France is very short. Landing at this airport, which is covered with high mountains and snow, is very dangerous. Small planes take off and land here, it is very dangerous to land here for clouds and thick fog.

It is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Because landing is very risky for geographical location. Also, its runway is not flat The runway is located on a slope. It is considered to be the third scariest airport in the world.

Princess Juliana Airport in the Netherlands

When Princess Juliana International Airport first became known as the Airport of the Terrible Runway, many called for it to be closed. 

The airport is located in St. Martin in the Eastern Caribbean. This is one of the parts of the Netherlands where pilots are still told to take special precautions before landing regularly. It is the second busiest airport in the region. 

The airport was actually built in 1942 before World War II. It was named after Empress Juliana of the Netherlands when she first landed at the airport in 1944. 

The landing strip of the airport is very short which is only about 2180 meters. The real reason for such a short runway was the warplanes running over the small runway. Therefore, the transportation of ammunition in warplanes was more important than passenger transport.

Iceland’s Ice Runway

Presumably, the airport in the coldest place in the world will not be very convenient. In fact, there is no real runway here. The place where the plane landed is just a place covered with clear ice and snow. 

The first thing to keep in mind when landing on the runway here is the weight of the aircraft. Therefore, the proper weight of each aircraft is measured before landing. Because the weight is a little too much, it can break the ice runway. And the problem with being overweight is that the plane can get stuck in the snow on the ice runway. 

Lukla Airport in Nepal

If you want to climb Everest, you have to come to Lukla Airport. Because a base camp has been set up in Lukla to climb Mount Everest. At an altitude of about 9,334 feet above sea level, the runway at this airport is very short and terrifying, the length of the runway at Lukla Airport is only 1,729 feet. The hill winds and terrifying natural environment make this airport even more dangerous.

Not only that, the deep ditch has started from where the runway of the airport has ended. Getting into this 600-foot-deep ditch at the end of the runway means meeting death, meaning the pilot has to be very careful when taking off and landing at this airport. 

Most of the time small planes take off and land here. Due to its height and terrific geographical location, this airport ranks first among the most terrifying airports in the world. 

The smallest airport in the world

The smallest airport in the world has an area of ​​only 400 meters. It was called Saba Airport, formerly Raskin Airport. It is located on the island of Saba in the Caribbean Sea in the Netherlands. It will be scary to see. Airport, landing time on a little bit of space; If you don’t apply the brakes on time, you may have to go to the other side and fall into the water.