Among the hundreds of health problems that can rise up during the winter season, Arthritis is a painful one. It causes the bone joints to swell up making them stiff and hard to move. It usually acts up when a person hits their 60s. However, it can also attack people at any age based on injury, infection, or genes. So, to ease up this pain during winter for the people who are diagnosed with arthritis, Here are some helpful tips that we have gathered.

Drink Water Stay Lighter

Stay Hydrated: Drinking water to stay healthy is a no-brainer. However, we tend to skip it during winter. DON’T DO THAT. You should drink hot or warm water to lubricate you body and joints for more flexible movement. It produces more synovial fluid that makes movement more comfortable. Also flushes out toxins that cause inflammation. If possible, add some ginger to your water as they are anti-inflammatory.

Walk, Walk, and Walk.

Stay Active: The cold weather can make arthritis pain worse by stiffing up the joints. The best way to fight it is by keeping your body active. This will help with proper blood flow which in turn will keep your body temperature warm. When your body stays active, it prevents the joints from getting stiff, making them flexible. So, take walks or do the house chores, but stay active.

arthritis pain diet
A healthy snack a day, keeps health problems at bay.

A Healthy Diet: Foods like yoghurt, Beef, eggs, and some types of fish are rich in Vitamin B12 which reduces the amount of Amino Acid Homocysteine. Higher levels of this amino acid is usually found in people with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Again, fruits and veges like spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, and bananas are rich in Vitamin B6 that can reduce inflammation.

arthritis pain lose weight
Watch the Scale

Lose Weight: Shading a pound or ten can help deal with arthritis pain. As less weight means less stress on bones and bone joints, the discomfort affiliated with it will also become less. So, with eating healthy and staying active you could opt for some indoor workouts to tip the scales in your favor. But choose the exercises that are gentle on your body.

Keeping it Hot

Stay Warm: Keeping yourself toasty warm with layers of clothes may not be enough. Try to submerge your body under tolerable warm water. This can significantly reduce the pain caused by colder weather. If you have access to saunas, jacuzzis or hot springs, why not take a swim? Or better, enroll yourself in a water aerobics class.

For people with arthritis, it’s paramount to follow these tips, especially during the winter. This will not only reduce the pain caused by this condition but also make your lifestyle much healthier.