We want to match ourselves with time and fashion. But what’s your style? Who fixes that? Fashion Blitzs style survey found the answer. 

Credit: Fashion Blitzs

Our clothing trend is changing over time. But how do these changes come from? Who decides to change these things?  Are designers setting these trends, or are they giving priority to the customer’s needs and tastes? Or who is giving you the decision of the clothes you wear today? 


An article published in the Telegraph magazine mentions some of the elements that play a vital role in creating new trends in our fashion. Celebrities, designers, social norms, economic potential, and self-thinking, which are constantly creating new fashion trends.


A University student says that at the end of the day, comfort is a big issue. She admits that she will prefer not to choose a new style of clothing, but a new type of dress. Since she wears hijabs, it is her priority to have comfortable outfits. 


The survey has a variety of answers about fashion trends. Most of the participants were young. 80 percent of them said they create their style, which means they have to decide what they wear. In the lead up to this, 45 percent said that it was the main reason why they felt a little more unique than others. 25 percent said it was the main purpose of self-expression. Of these, 65 percent said that whatever the fashion, comfort is a big deal. 25 percent reported that they had a high level of stability in yarn or clothes.

Most young people choose the clothes they wear to keep their own. But no one likes a modern dress if it is not comfortable.