Whether we like it or not, masks have become an integral part of our life outside of our house. Be it for work, shopping, or just a casual meet-up with friends, family, or colleagues, we can’t step outside of our apartments without The first line of defense. But even if masks are proven to be useful against spreading germs and bacterias, they can still pose some inconveniences for women in general. We will now discuss some common Struggles women face for wearing a mask.

Mask Covered With Makeup

Removes Makeup and Skin Products: This is the most basic problem every woman faces thanks to masks. just because half our face will stay covered this still won’t stop many socially active women from applying a little bit of tinted moisturizer or a BB creme, Little concealer, and obviously eye makeup. However, they always get transferred on the mask leaving the face bare and exhausted looking.

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Smudges Lipstick: wearing lipsticks not only accentuates our lips but also boosts our confidence. That is until we put on a mask. Imagine loving a shade so much that you wear it every day but end up smudged up on your mask.

Concerning For the Hijabis: Wearing a mask with a hijab can become very suffocating for women. It creates a problem with eating, speaking, and breathing if worn inside the hijab. You can’t readjust it easily if it shifts uncomfortably throughout the day.

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Maskne And Skin Irritation: If the word Maskne confuses you then know that it is a combination of “Mask” and “acne”. This refers to the acne breakouts around our jawline and cheek area for wearing masks for too long. The irritation caused by your mask fabric, the combination of heat and humidity, and accumulated bacteria all lead to Maskne, redness, and inflammation.

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Overheating: The effectiveness of a mask relies a lot on density rather than the material. The thicker the mask the safer it will be. This leads to sweat and heat-accumulating around the mouth region. This sweat when transferred to the mask makes ventilation harder. As it is harder to breathe through a wet clothing material, this could lead to overheating.

It is true that struggles with wearing a mask are not only confined to women, men do too. But when we generalize the problem many issues that women face, like the ones mentioned above, get sidelined. However, this article wasn’t aimed to discourage you from wearing a mask, but to make you are of the problems.